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An Industry Leader

Our Profile: Hastings Utilities Contracting Ltd. is an industry leader that specializes in overhead & underground power line maintenance and construction in Southern Ontario. We are associated with quality work and guaranteed services as we offer assistance to customers in providing a knowledgeable staff and highly trained powerline technicians that give you exceptional service, every time.

Who We Are: Regardless of the project scope, the quality of equipment, components and operational capacity is subject to strict regulations and standards, and is a role that we take seriously. Our Quality Assurance and Control professionals ensure compliance with all contractual specifications, mandatory regulations and quality standards. We ensure that all of the work meet the required standards of quality and safety, with exceptional skills and expertise.

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Quality and Care


Hastings Utilities Contracting Ltd. is an industry leader and specializes in overhead power line maintenance and construction in Southern Ontario.

Our Expertise

Our projects are big, complex and done in difficult field conditions, yet we have amazing and knowledgeable staff and a remarkable safety record. We provide high quality service, whenever and wherever.

Our Portfolio

We provide the right expertise, resources and experience necessary to perform diverse array of overhead and lighting services for utilities partners, cooperatives and municipalities.

Our Dedication

We are deeply committed to serving our clients across the Greater Toronto Area, as we pay attention-to-detail, due diligence and high quality workmanship. We treat all projects, big or small, with great care.

Well Trained Technicians

Our well trained technicains are experienced in underground fault locate and repair teams. We are able to provide fast response times in repairing as we locate, provide on site solutions, repair and ensure that the site is properly restored.

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