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Our projects are big, complex and done in difficult field conditions, yet we have amazing and knowledgeable staff and a remarkable safety record. We provide high quality service, whenever and wherever.


We provide the right expertise, resources and experience necessary to perform diverse array of overhead and lighting services for utilities partners, cooperatives and municipalities.


We are deeply committed to serving our clients across the Greater Toronto Area, as we pay attention-to-detail, due diligence and high quality workmanship. We treat all projects, big or small, with great care.


At Hastings Utilities Contracting Ltd., our job site is a productive one. We are committed to providing a safe working environment for every employee and the general public. On each site, we follow strict maintenance and upkeep protocols that will ensure that hazards are adequately identified, appropriately managed and the risks are properly controlled in our work environments.

We stand firmly behind the men and women that make up our work force and put our name behind it. We have a growing network of positive relationships with other partners, insomuch that we are reliant on each another to perform certain functions and are crucial in the continuum of our business ventures. We have enduring and lasting relationships with our clients, who depend on us to ensure that the job is done right the first time.

Below you will find a list of the services we offer.

Engineering and Design

Overhead High Voltage Power Distribution

Underground High Voltage Power Distribution

Park, Walkways and Parking Lot Lighting

Installation/Removal of Utility Poles

Underground Faults

Pole Inspections

Installation of Fibre Optic Cables

In all our projects, Hastings Utilities Contracting Ltd. makes safety our number one priority – both for our employees and for the general public. It is our policy to provide a safe, accident-free and healthy work environment for our employees and the general public. Safety demands everyone’s participation – which requires that our internal teams are constantly and openly communicating with all of the teams on the field and our management. Hastings Utilities Contracting workers are required to report any hazards or other safety problems to supervisors – as we aim to eliminate hazards and be in full compliance with municipal, provincial and federal safety protocols.

We believe that safety comes from the top-down and we are constantly training and informing our staff about the latest safety regulations that must be followed. We require everyone to know the safety requirements and standards for their job. Our supervisors instill a positive attitude and safety awareness in their teams through personal adherence, personal contact, training and regularly schedule safety meetings.

We require our employees to perform their work with maximum regard for the safety of themselves, co-workers and the general public.

Using safe practices/procedures near powerline is necessary and crucial. Our team, working under a Safety Manager, will ensure that all safety protocols and procedures are followed strictly. We provide training for staff and ensure that each worker knows of his/her responsibilities and duties in upkeeping a safe and clean working environment. Safety and health are every bit as important in our organization as productivity and quality, and they in fact, go hand in hand.


PARKS, WALKWAYS AND PARKING LOT LIGHTING – Whether you are installing a completely new lighting system, redesigning or need maintenance on your existing lighting system, we can help.

UNDERGROUND FAULTS – Our well trained technicians are experienced in underground fault locate and repair teams. We are able to provide fast response times in repairing as we locate, provide on-site solutions, repair and ensure that the site is properly restored.

STORM RESPONSE – Our well-trained technicians are experienced in underground fault locate and repair teams. We are able to provide fast response times in repairing as we locate, provide on-site solutions, repair and ensure that the site is properly restored.

ENGINEERING & DESIGN – Hastings Contracting Utilities Ltd. provides turnkey Engineering and Design solutions factoring in budgets, resources, potential risks, and schedules. We engage, coordinate and develop our people and their work to address the challenges of each project by “outside-the-box” approach to reach the maximum quality that our clients deserve with care, reliability, efficiency and safety.

POLE INSPECTIONS – We provide cost effective, efficient and quality service for wood poles, extending their life and ensuring their stability. Our service includes detailed asset management to allow our clients to easily maintain their asset records and track maintenance and replacement needs.

– In case of an accident or repairing damage, we are able to replace, remedy or relocate the damaged pole.

– This is a service that may be required in case of an excavation – where underground cables are safeguarded from damage. We are able to locate with high efficiency and accuracy, and can protect the streetlight from being damaged or the power to be disturbed.